We did it! After 48 years we finally got our classmates together in South Florida.

The reunion was held at a restaurant in Everglades City between the east and west Coasts. We met on the porch overlooking the water for lunch, drinks, “ catching up”, sharing stories and HHS memorabilia. We even sang our class song “ The Good Old Days” ( from our yearbook). A wonderful warm, sunny, breezy afternoon was enjoyed by all especially those classmates that came down from the cold northeast for the occasion.

We are looking forward to our 50th Reunion in 2011!!

Dear class of 61 and other hixmates,

On March 7 a small group of classmates gathered together in southern Florida for a reunion.  We had in common Hicksville High, the class of 61, a home in Florida and eligibility for Medicaid this year.

When you approach a get together like this you are always curious how other people will look and what they will be like after such a long time.  Most of us had not been together for 40 plus years.

I am happy to report that we all had our hair and our sense of humor.

Bonnie Scharr Papes and Doris Fishman Roth were the organizers.  They reached out through Hix News and Classmates.  I am sure that by the 50th reunion there will be many other communication options.

Bonnie was responsible for our name tags.  They were copies of our yearbook photos.  As we conversed that day I would look at that name tag and I was hearing the person that I knew so many years ago.  There was in each of us a little bit of the boy or girl we once were.

Bonnie’s table centerpieces were planters surrounded by 45’s and topped off with a GO  COMETS flag.  She had fun searching for oldies and her list of hits was impressive.

 Here is a list of the records she used:

"Worst that could Happen" - Brooklyn Bridge
"Shout" The Isley Brothers
"I'm Walkin'" - Fats Domino
"The things we did last summer' - The Four Lads
"Roses are red (my love)" - Bobby Vinton
"Hey Paula" - Paul and Paula
"Cry" - Johnnie Ray
"Greenfields" - The Brothers Four
"Run to him" - Bobby Vee
"You're only human (Second Wind) - Billy Joel
"Gypsy Woman" - Rick Nelson
"Tutti Fruitti" - Little Richard

She wrote,

“The Brooklyn Bridge and Billy Joel were after our time, but both came from Hicksville so I used them.  Billy Joel was in my sister Mary's class of '67.

Stay in touch!

Love, Bonnie”

Doris presented us with Mardi Gras beads in black and orange and no, we did not bare our breasts.  At our ages you need to keep the mystery alive!

It was a balmy day in the everglades and prior to sharing a meal together we had a few drinks and enjoyed the memorabilia of yearbooks, photos, graduation programs, old autograph albums, class rings, and stories of shared experiences.

The time flew by and soon we were saying our goodbyes.  I had copied our class song from our yearbook.  It was written by Nancy Sherman and Alan Just to the tune of “Dearie, do you remember when.”  We sang it together and I think Mr. Goleeki would have cried tears of joy, unlike the tears he shed so often when we were inattentive chorus members.

We are all looking forward to getting together again at our 50th reunion in 2011.  There was also talk about Florida, next year. May we all be in good health for many years.

One last note.   I am sitting in my kitchen on my island in Maine looking out at the ocean on this foggy, rainy and cold Maine day.  The snow has melted except for a few places.  As I reflect on the reunion and my life, I realize how blessed I was to have the benefit of a better than average education and to have many fond memories of school and friends.  I hope it is so for many of you reading this.

Carol Makowski Kinney


Those attending from our class:

Doris Fischman Roth
Bonnie Scharr Papes
“Ro” Rosaria Marchese Genovese
“Clem” Carolyn Baldwin Moors
Tony Genovese
Carol Makowski Kinney
“Rod” Robert Clements
Ann Cassese Constantino
Carole Snyder Ferguson
“Ginny” Virginia Van Allen Ryder

Seated L-R: Tony Genovese, Rod Clements
Standing L-R: Doris Fischman Roth, Bonnie Scharr Papes, Ro Marchese Genovese, Clem Baldwin Moors, 
Carol Markowski Kinney, Ann Cassese Constantino, Carole Snyder Ferguson, Ginny Van Allen Ryder

Bonnie Scharr Papes and Clem Baldwin Moors

L-R: Doris Fischman Roth, Clem Baldwin Moors, Carol Neglia Clements, 
Carol Markowski, Bonnie Scharr Papes

L-R: Ann Cassese Constantino, Rod Clements, Carole Ferguson

Looking at HHS Memorabilia

Looking at Class of 1961 Photos

Singing Class Song " The Good Old Days"

Ro and Tony Genovese